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"Photography is another form of art, I can use to express beauty and emotion  through the lens."

With over fifteen years combined experience as a creative director, stylist and model - photography became my next natural progression. My team and I will take your imagination to a whole new level. We will create stories for you, your family, boutique business or model portfolio providing results  for personal or professional usage.

There is a formula to my madness and magic consisting of storyboarding, location scouting, style consultation, unique sets, directing and post production. Come to me with your story/campaign or allow me to create one for you.  I like to tailor every shoot with a unique vision with its own look and feel.

My philosophy is to emote emotion through my work and passionately. If it does not touch the audience in some way then it might as well be a blank canvas! My purpose is to make people respond when they are looking at imagery.

Whether it makes them feel overwhelmed with happiness inside, fills their tummies with butterflies or causes them to think deeper. Photography is not just art, but a way of communicating your thoughts, ideas and brand. 


Vivian Vo

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